Essential Tools for Personal Growth

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When you hear the word “tools” what comes to your mind first? Gardening tools? Handyman tools? Cleaning tools? Depending on your profession, you might think of tools as the equipment related to your usual routine. You’ll more or less think about physical tools like the ones sold online and not abstract tools.

A lot of you might not know this, but even the aspect personal development has its essential tools. They refer to the things you should do to grow and live fully. So what are they?

Know Yourself

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This might sound easy, but it’s hard to execute. Knowing yourself means knowing where you’re good at, what your goals are, what your weaknesses are, what your personality is, what you love and abhor, what your values are, what inspires you, so on and so forth. The truth is this tool involves a long process. It’s even believed that everyone experiences a quarter-life crisis, which is unavoidable. Perhaps the first thing you can do is know your personality by taking a test such as the DISC personality test. You can also take a temperament test to know how you react to situations. Then, list down your values and beliefs which can serve as your guide to everyday living. When thinking about goals, maybe you could start with what you’re good at and where you want to be good at. Just remember to take it easy. Bear in mind that getting to know yourself is just like getting to know others—it takes time.

Live with a Passion

What do you want to do in life? Do you want to keep doing what you’re currently doing? What activities do you find empowering? There are things we do that allow us to pour out our hearts and minds. Find those activities. If you love caring for the elderly, take the time to do so. If you love teaching kids but you’re not a teacher, set a schedule and a location, then invite the children from your neighborhood. Living with passion is possible; you just have to find whatever it is that makes you feel more alive.

Improve Communications

President Obama laughing with aidesThe previous tools help develop your interaction with others. To communicate better with others, you must first learn to communicate with yourself just like what you do before you decide. Another way to improve your interpersonal communication skills is to pay attention to how people deliver their message as well as their body language. Don’t be afraid to open up; having a fellowship with others can help you grow as a person. Remember, no man is an island.

Overcome Stress

Learn how to handle stressful situations by channeling your anger or frustration to an active recreation such as running, painting, and woodworking. If you know how to control your negative emotions, you will be relieved of stress, and once you are, you’ll sleep and live better. Remember, it won’t pain you to take deep breaths. After all, life is too short to live with stress.

4 Reasons Why Painting Should Be Your Hobby

Spraypaint art by Thomas Sorresso

Looking for a hobby? Painting would be perfect! It’s not just for professionals, it’s also for those who want to learn a new skill or express themselves in a different way. In contrast to what most people believe, it’s never too late to start painting. Regardless of your age, so long as you can still hold a paint brush and see, you can paint! Let me give you the reasons why painting is the hobby you should have:

  1. Art materialsIt will help you find your creative side. This hobby will require you to use your imagination in order to achieve unique and heartfelt paintings that speak of who you truly are. It will have you think out of the box and at the same time, it can allow you to merely express whatever’s running through your head. There are no rules in painting and that’s something everyone would want!
  2. You’ll be inspired. As a painter, it’s normal to look for inspirations and painters that could influence your painting. And one thing you’ll love about this hobby is you have extensive choices to motivate you and inspire you. Paintings also tell of rich cultures, which means not only will you be inspired, you’ll be informed too!

    Spraypaint art by Thomas Sorresso
    Spray paint art by Thomas Sorresso

  3. It can be very cheap. This hobby is flexible about your finances; it can be very affordable or extremely expensive. Depending on your budget, you can settle with pencils, oil paints, watercolors, poster colors, or spray paint! If you’re after the last one, then it would beneficial for you to read Let it be your guide, future painter!
  4. You’ll be more patient. The world we live in seems to spin rapidly than before and our hectic schedules tend to make us easily irritable. Once in a while, it would be great to pause, take a breath, and paint. Why paint? Because a masterpiece requires time to complete. If you get annoyed easily, you’ll be the loser. But if you persevere, your painting will never make you frown.

Empowering Yourself More


Empowering yourself should never be complicated.

You don’t need to say things more than usual. You also don’t need to do more things than usual. You don’t even need to think about things more than usual. You just need to say what you need to say. You also just need to do what you have to do. You just even need to think what you need to think about.

Then again, empowering yourself is more than just those already mentioned. It’s more than just saying what you need to say. It’s also more than just doing what you have to do. It’s even more than just thinking about what you need to think about.

Empowering yourself – or empowering yourself even more – is about:

Saying What YOU WILL

Being empowered is not just about saying what “I will.” It’s about saying what “you will.” It’s about saying what you mean to say by heart, without the need to prove it further as you’ll eventually do as you say. It’s about saying what you mean to say by mind, without the need to think about it further as you’ll eventually do as you say. It’s about saying what you mean to say by soul, without the need to take it further as you’ll eventually do as you say.

Doing What YOU CAN

Being empowered is not just about doing what “I can.” It’s also about doing what “you can.” Be it making your own bookshelf for the living room or creating your own treehouse for the backyard, being empowered is about doing these things because you can truly do it. Whether it’s with some ordinary materials or with the greatest TIG welders of 2017, being empowered is about doing these things because you can really do it.


Being empowered is not just about thinking what “you can.” It’s also about thinking what “I can.” It’s about thinking positively, despite all the negativity around you. It’s about thinking the good things, despite all the bad things around you. It’s about thinking the right things, despite all the wrong things around you. Even more so, it’s about thinking positively – no matter what challenges you might directly face in the future, no matter what challenges that might ultimately happen in the future.

How about you?

How do you empower yourself? How do you empower yourself more?

What difference empowering yourself has made in your life?

Share your thoughts with us below!

Inspiring Yourself Even More

inspiring yourself

In a world full of criticisms, how can you inspire yourself even more to be confident? In a world full of doubts, how can you inspire yourself even more to be definite? In a world full of confusion, how can you inspire yourself even more to be certain? In a world full of negativity, how can you inspire yourself even more to be positive?

Inspire yourself even more – be it to be even more confident, to be even more definite, to be even more certain, or to be even more positive – by:

Reconnecting With Nature

Mother Nature’s benefits are not only limited to one’s physical health and fitness. It also involves one’s mental health and emotional fitness, both of which make for an overall healthy being. Reconnecting with nature will also make you realize how wonderful you truly are as you breathe in the cool wind blowing on your face or take in the warm sun shining on your body. Reconnecting with nature will even make you realize how wonderful life truly is as you see for yourself the real wonders of nature around you and experience for yourself the real miracles of nature around you.

Spending Time With Your Loved Ones

Whether you’re birdwatching with your family at the rooftop of your home using a pair of binoculars like those on or sunwatching with your friends on the monument at the park, nothing beats spending time with your loved ones to inspire yourself even more. Always remember, your family loves you. Also remember, your friends support you. Regardless of what you’re going through right now, they are always there to cheer you up. Don’t ever hesitate to ask them for help.

Reconnecting With Yourself

The more you find out about yourself, the more you will be inspired. No matter what you’re going through right now, that much is true – for the simple reason that you are who you are and no one can ever tell you otherwise. Reconnecting with yourself will not just help you overcome what you’re going through, but also help you overcome any other kinds of negativity. All you need is to believe in yourself, that you can do it and you will do it – no matter what happens and no matter how long it takes to fully overcome every single thing you’ve been dreading for quite a while now.

Any other ways to inspire yourself even more? Share them with us below!

How To Empower Yourself


As they say, love yourself. One great way to do that is by empowering yourself.

The only question is: What does empowering really mean?

By definition, empowering is the act of making someone more confident, as well as stronger. When done to yourself, it will not only make you more confident and stronger. It will also make you more compassionate and wiser.

That being said, here are some ways to empower yourself:

Reconnect With Nature

The benefits of reconnecting with nature is not just limited to keeping yourself healthy and fit on the outside. It also keeps you healthy and fit on the inside: your mental health, as you learn how to calm yourself in any kind of stressful situation; and your emotional health, as you learn to come in terms with your feelings in any kind of confusing condition. You will also get to see things in a new perspective, as you take in scenic views from afar; and experience things in a different way, as you marvel in tranquil waters or fertile lands from a distance.

BONUS TIP: Equip yourself with a spotting scope like those seen in to reconnect more with nature up close.


Volunteering for any kind of cause doesn’t only benefit the people you are helping. It also benefits yourself, as you learn how to be more confident in dealing with people from all walks of life and more compassionate in dealing with people from all kinds of situations. This, in turn, will also help others become more confident that they can overcome all their fears and more compassionate that they can love themselves even more. Even more so, volunteering empowers yourself to become better than ever – someone that others can truly look up to and someone that others can truly depend on.

Learn New Things

It’s never too early to learn. It’s also never too late to learn. Regardless, you only need to remember one thing: life is a lesson itself. Another great way to empower yourself is by learning new things, as well as allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone. This will not just make you stronger in terms of physical fortitude such as when you’re learning about how to make wood sculptures, but also wiser in terms of mental fortitude such as when you’re learning about how to make program codes. This, in turn, will empower yourself even more – as you finally set out to conquer new heights with your new skills!

4 Effective Ways to Succeed Out of Your Comfort Zone


Coming out of your comfort zone might sound difficult to you.

Especially if you are introverted. But there’s nothing to lose! I know it’s easier said than done, but once you got out of your comfort zone, you’ll never regret it.

Comfort zone restricts us from being free and creative. It restricts our own abilities and limitations. But that’s not a problem because you can get out from it! Let’s proceed and find out some effective ways to help you get out of your comfort zone.

Find a Hobby

Look for a hobby that seems interesting to you.

Pursue your deepest passion! It’ll take time learning new things, but it’ll be worth it at the end of the day. You will never know how much can a hobby help you grow and stay out of comfort zone.

If you’re good at a certain game, you can compete with the best. Check out some games with directx 12 to make your gaming experience better!

Interact with People

Don’t Be Shy To Talk With Other People.

Approaching and communicating a new person is quite a challenge for some people. But this can make us feel more connected to people and the environment around us. So, whenever you see a new person, don’t be shy and approach them with a smile and saying hi!

Find Inspirations

Inspirations are what motivate us. Be it a person, things, or something fictional, if it inspires you, then you have nothing to worry about. Do what you love and let your inspirations guide you with that.

Accept Failure as a Teacher

Failure could be scary to some people. But once you see it in a different perspective, you’ll understand that failure is a great teacher. It serves as a lesson for everything you do. It’s up to you how you can apply what you’ve learned from a failure!

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky

Good quote for those who are scared of failing.


Yes, comfort zones are very comfortable (that’s why it’s called like that). But in order to be better, you need to break the borders. Don’t let it restrict you from being a better individual! Let our effective advice help you overcome your comfort zone.

Three Inspiring Talks about Silence, Speaking Up, and Finding Your Voice

I can be talkative at times. But I have trouble speaking up. I hadn’t really thought about how different those two things can be until I observed that I tend to opt for silence when I’m unsure about the things I’m about to say. I didn’t like to sound stupid or to be that only person in a room that has a different take on things. I didn’t want to invite attention to myself lest it will put me in trouble. I may have felt safe in my silence. But it didn’t make me happy. In fact, I’ve discovered that being quiet about the things that matter to me made me miserable.

Over the years, I learned that silence is powerful only if the situation calls for it. But it can be a problem when effectively communicating my views can potentially make a positive influence. I’m learning to allow myself to be heard, if needed. I figured that I have something to contribute as much as everyone else. I realized that no matter how difficult it may seem, finding your voice and using it to speak up can equally be powerful as silence. Here are some of the inspiring videos I’ve seen about topics that encourage people to share their truths:

Clint Smith: The danger of silence

“Read critically. Write consciously. Speak clearly. Tell your truth.”

This short video shows how choosing to be silent is not always a good thing. It made me think that silence can make me part of a problem. It is like a tacit approval on what people may be doing that go against my beliefs and values. By not speaking up, I’m empowering abuse and injustice that I may be a witness to.

Saying the Hard Things: The Power of Speaking Up | Amanda Springob

Just imagine how many problems we can prevent if only we’re brave enough to say the hard things. But not many people go down that road. This is why groupthink exists. It feels more comfortable and safer to just agree with what everyone else is saying. Going with the flow doesn’t require much energy. Not many people want to be that person who’d speak up about the toughest things to say. But it might just be what’s needed to avoid problems.

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

As an introvert, I really don’t like being on the spotlight. I work best behind the scenes and as far away as possible from prying eyes. But being quiet has its own power as this video shows. It’s a matter of harnessing the unique qualities that make us introverts different and tap on that to achieve the results we want.

Travel If You Want to Grow

Anyone who has traveled has been changed by it. Some may not be aware of it, but setting out to unfamiliar places shakes you up in subtle and not-so subtle ways. Every trip for me triggers a mix of emotions. Anticipation, excitement, fear, and worry are just some of the feelings I get before, during, and sometimes after my travels. If you ask me why I subject myself to such emotions, I’d say it’s for the experiences that traveling brings. There are always takeaways. And I feel that I’m also leaving parts of myself in places I go. It makes me understand myself and the outside world more.

Travel Infographic

I couldn’t agree more with what this infographic that I found says. There are many ways travel is good for you. For me, it’s also a way for me grow – to test myself in the midst of the unknown and the unfamiliar. Here’s how traveling has pushed me farther than what I believed to be my limits:

Learning to be more self-reliant

I have traveled solo in the past. And it’s been among the scariest things I’ve done. There’s nothing like knowing that I’m on my own to bring out a lot of anxieties and fears. I had to rely on myself while on the road. But it was also the most liberating experience I’ve had. It gave me the freedom to do what I want and take responsibility for the bad choices I made.

Seeing strangers in a new light

I used to take the “don’t talk to strangers” advice much too seriously. I’m the type who’d rather suffer than ask for help from anyone I don’t know. But traveling changed that. I had many unforgettable interactions with kind strangers who’ve helped in different ways. I discovered how sincere people can be even to people they’ve only met for the first time. This helped me grow as a person. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and take the time to talk with people I meet in my travels.

Broadening perspectives

Nothing beats first-hand experience in broadening perspectives. It’s easy to find information online. But no matter how much I research about a place, there’s always something I discover that challenges old beliefs I had. Traveling has changed the way I see things. It made me appreciate culture and the value of respecting differences. It made me more compassionate and more conscious about keeping an open mind.

4 Reasons Why You Should Speak Up and Let Your Thoughts Be Heard

I believe in the adage that says, “Silence is golden”. This makes it easier to listen to what others are saying. Sifting through all the information you need in the midst of so much noise is a challenge in itself. Adding unnecessary chatter only makes it harder to capture the things you need to hear. But holding back from saying the things you need to say also has its downsides. It never really helps you or the people around you. I think that we have to learn to speak up if we have something that need to be said.

1. It’s an opportunity to let your ideas be heard

Some ideas need to be shared. You’re not allowing your ideas to flourish if you keep it to yourself. And you’ll never know if it’s a good one if you don’t put it out there. I’ve always felt vulnerable when I find myself in situations when I put my thoughts out there. There’s the risk of getting my idea shot down. On the flipside, there’s also a chance it could be the answer to the question or problem at hand.

2. It could help prevent bad decisions

In groups, bad decisions happen when no one dares to voice out what may be perceived as dissenting opinions. The pressure of groupthink has a way of silencing the few who may have different views. But being agreeable does not mean you can’t make any constructive criticism. Because at the end of the day, that may just be what’s needed to steer the group away from a wrong decision that could have a negative impact on everyone.

3. It’s a chance to let others know where you stand

Staying silent is often taken as consent or approval. I’ve been through a lot of situations in the past when I didn’t like the direction a group discussion has taken but didn’t say anything to voice out my concerns. This led to some unpleasant consequences that we could have easily avoided if I or anyone who share the same thoughts I did chose to speak up. My silence is often triggered with my lack of confidence on where I stand on the issue, especially when I’m not with the majority. So I’m learning to find my voice and communicate my thoughts to just to be clear about where I stand.

4. It shows you’re engaged

I noticed that people who are passionate about something use their voice to add value to the conversation. They know when to use silence and speaking up in equal measure. But they are not easily cowed by fear of ridicule. They have no qualms about saying something even if it’s an unpopular opinion. I think this kind of attitude reveals how engaged people are. It shows how invested they are on the issue or topic at hand.